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4 Fantastic Ways to Grow Your Blog Audience

Are the views you are getting to your blog slowing down or have they almost come to a halt?

Don't fret! I'm going to go over 4 powerful and easy ways in which you can grow your blog audience, to keep them coming back and get them subscribing to your blog:

1. Create Good Content

2. Networking

3. Guest Blog Posts

4. Social Sharing

1. Create Good Content

Okay, so this one is pretty obvious. But if you don't have content that people are looking for or interested in, then they won't find you, won't read your blog and won't subscribe to your email list. Your blog is a way to define yourself as an expert within your field, by sharing the knowledge you have, plus people want to share good content. Go through your past few blog posts and be really critical of them. You need to always be thinking of your reader when creating blog posts, so read it from their point of view. After all, your blog is about them, not about you. Your audience is reading your blog because it relates to them in some way or they are learning from it, so good content will keep them coming back and make them more likely to purchase your products or services.

Your blog is about them, not about you.

Ask yourself some important questions when reviewing posts that haven't had very high engagement and when creating new posts:

Is your content up-to-date? Use Google Alerts to find out what is currently trending and important topics. You can set up alerts based on the source (blog, news, books, web), region, and how many alerts you want to receive. You will be notified about new content on the web for whichever topics you wish to create an alert for. This can help if you are stuck for new ideas and want to be posting information that is relevant and currently in the news or being discussed in other blogs similar to yours.

Is your blog written in your own voice? Read your blog and make sure it's readable and relatable. When you read it, make sure it sounds like how you normally speak.

What are your blog titles like? People want to know what they are reading before they click on it. Some will even share a blog post with a catchy title without even actually reading it simply because the title was so appealing to them! Check out this blog post by HubSpot on writing catchy headlines and blog titles.

Do you have spelling mistakes? No one wants to be fixing your grammatical error in their head while trying to read your blog.

Do you have boring images or maybe none? People process images faster than words, and although you don't need to overload your posts with images, but it's best practice to have at least 1 or 2 images or text boxes, to catch the reader's attention and break up big blocks of text.

2. Networking

Networking online: Interact with other bloggers and entrepreneurs, join groups pertaining to your niche on sites such as Facebook and LinkedIn. While being a part of a community of bloggers, small business owners or those interested in your topic, you can all share your ideas, successes, failures and create long lasting relationships, and you can position yourself as an expert by sharing helpful content. Engage with others by sharing, commenting on or liking their posts and you will see them engaging with your content in return.

Networking the old-fashioned way, in person: Attend events in your area, get out into your community, and get yourself involved, so people get to know who you are offline as well. Many communities will have a Chamber of Commerce with monthly networking events, so you can meet new people, build relationships and even find clients through these events. Be sure to have business cards at these events and have your website/blog on them, so they know where to find your business and content online. You never know when a connection you make could help boost your blog or small business. As the old saying goes "it's know what you know, it's who you know."

"It's know WHAT you know, it's WHO you know."

3. Guest Blog Posts

As mentioned above, networking is important. Once you have a few fellow bloggers or entrepreneurs that you interact with on a regular basis, you can offer to write a guest blog post for them and offer them a spot on your blog to create a post as well. This allows both of you to reach each other's audience and therefore grow your audience substantially. Ensure you choose another blog that relates to yours in some way, so that the guest posts make sense on each other's blogs and your readers will be interested in the new content they are presented with. Be sure to include a link back to your site and engage with the readers on their blog, just as you do on your own. You can gain an entirely new audience and rush of clients, simply by sharing your content in a new location.

4. Social Sharing

This is not simply posting a link on your Facebook or other social channels and hoping your followers will click on it. Let your followers know what the blog is about without giving away too much, so they will still want to click on your link and read through the post. Come up with a few different post ideas and pick the catchiest one, or choose a couple and post 1-2 months apart. Your followers are following you because they like the content you create, so don't be afraid to self-promote. You can share a link to the same blog several times, as long as the timing is far enough apart. This way your new social followers can see your content without having to scroll through your feed of older posts. This is also one of the reasons a blog can be crucial for your business. People want to share good content and they don't want to be constantly sold to on social media. When you share your blog posts, you aren't specifically promoting your small business products or services, but promoting information and knowledge based around your small business.

If you want to increase your social followers, you can send an email to your current email subscribers asking them to follow you. They have already subscribed to your email list, which means they like you and your blog, so as long as you aren't sending emails every week asking them to follow you, they will happily do so.

You also need to make it easy for your audience to share your blog on their social profiles. Have social sharing buttons on all of your blog posts, so with one click your readers can easily share a post they enjoyed to their Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, etc. But be careful not to have too many options for sharing. People want an easy choice, so if you only have links to Twitter and Facebook, they only have to choose between sharing on these two social networks. If you give them the option of sharing to 7 different networks, they may make the decision not to share at all. Play around with this on your blog and see which social media networks your audience shares to the most and the number of options that works best for you. People want to share your blog posts because they have helpful and creative content. They are much more likely to share your posts (which are connected to your website and small business) than they are to share a basic link to your website or an online brochure for you.

Now that you have these 4 handy ways to grow your audience, it's time to get to work!

Let me know what other methods have you used to grow your blog audience in the comments below.

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